Web Links


ADONIS - Microphone Manufacturers of Radio/Audio  Products
ALINCO - Instruction Manuals
ALPHA DELTA - Manufacturers of Radio/Audio  Products
AMERITRON - The High Power Specialists
BARKER & WILLIAMSON - HF Antenna Manufacturers
BENCHER inc. - Makers of Morse & Paddle Keys & Butternut Antennas
BETTER RF CO - Manufacturers of the 706TUNE
bhi - Noise Eliminating DSP Gear
bhi - Fitting Instructions for bhi DSP Modules
BONITO - Decoding Software Plus Hardware
CREATE - Antenna & Rotator Manufacturers
CUSHCRAFT - Antenna Manufacturers
CUSHCRAFT - Downloadable Manuals
DCI - Digital Communications Inc. Filters
DIAMOND - Antenna Manufacturers (Requires Japanese Character set)
FLEX RADIO - Software Defined Radio (SDR) Free Software Downloads & Sound Files
GAP ANTENNAS - Antenna Manufacturers
GARMIN - GPS manufacturer
GARMIN - Free Software Updates
GARMIN - Bluetooth compatible Receivers
GB ANTENNAS - Antenna & Tower Specialists in the Netherlands
GIOVANNINI - Antenna Systems
GREENWELD - Excellent Hobby/Electronics site
HEAVY WEATHER - Wireless Weather Stations
HEIL SOUND - Quality communication Audio Products
HIGH SIERRA - Mobile Antenna Manufacturers
HOKA - Communications
HUSTLER - HF Antennas
HY-GAIN - Antennas & Rotators
ICOM - Icom (UK) Ltd
ICOM UK - Downloadable Manuals (then click on 'downloads')
ICOM JP - Download IC-PCR1000 software for Windows 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP
JRC - Japan Radio Company
KANTRONICS - Manufacturers of Data and TNCs equipment
KENWOOD - In Depth Manual for TS-480
KLINGENFUSS - Publications - Books & CDs
R.A KENT ENGINEERING - Manufacturers of Fine Morse Keys
KENWOOD UK - Kenwood Electronics UK Ltd
KENWOOD USA - Kenwood USA Corp.
KENWOOD JP - Downloadable MCP-1A Control Program for TH-K2/4
LAKE ELECTRONICS - Amateur Radio Kits
LINEAR AMP UK - Manufacturers of Linear Amps & Mobile Mics
MAPLIN - On-line Catalogue
MFJ - MFJ Enterprises
MFJ - Manuals
MICROSET - Power Supply & Pre-amp Manufacturers
MIRACLE ANTENNA - The Miracle Whip
MIRAGE - Communication Equipment (Amplifiers)
OPTIBEAM - Antennas
OPTOELECTRONICS - Makers of the Xplorer
OREGON SCIENTIFIC - Manufacturers of Electronic Equipment
PACCOM - Manufacturers of Data & TNC equipment
PERSTEL - DAB Receivers
PETER W. DAHL Co. - Custom Transformers
QUICK SILVER - Radio Products
RAMSEY KITS - Amateur Radio Projects
RADIO WORKS - Specialist Antenna Parts Manufacturer
ROBERTS RADIO - Manufacturers of Radio Receivers
RPF Communications - GIZZMO
RS - Radio Spares
SAGANT - Antenna Manufacturers
SCANCAT - Control Software
SGC - Manufacturers of HF SSB Products
SGC - Publications
SONY - Sony UK
MSA SORDIN - Professional Noise Cancelling Headphones
SSB - SSB Electronics
STEEPLETONE - Receiver Manufacturers
SUPER ANTENNAS - Ham Radio Antennas by W6MMA
TENNAMAST - Manufacturers of Masts
TGM Communications - MQ Hybrid Antennas
TIGERTRONICS - Manufacturers of the SignaLink
TIVOLI AUDIO - Radio/Hi-Fi Manufacturers
TOKYO HY-POWER - Radio Communications
TONNA - F9FT - Manufacturers of VHF & UHF Antennas
TGM - Quad Hybrid Antennas
UNIDEN - Communications
VECTRONICS - Communication Equipment
VIBROPLEX - The Vibroplex Co. Inc.
W2IHY TECHNOLOGIES - Manufacturer of the 8-band Graphic Equalizer, EQPlus & iBOX
W3FF ANTENNAS - The Buddipole Manufacturer
W4RNL - L.B. CEBIK Antennas
W4RT - One-Touch Tune and other FT-817 Accessories
WORLDSPACE - Radio by Satellite
YAESU - Yaesu (UK) Ltd.
ZX-YAGI - HF Beam Antennas

Sites of Interest 

AIRNAV - AirNav - ACARS, Internet, HF & VHF Flight Tracking and Monitoring
AMATEUR MANUALS - Vast Range of Manuals
AMSAT - The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
AMSAT - Keplerian Elements
ARC - Amateur Radio Courses (Downloadable CD)
ARRLWeb - The American Radio Relay League
BARTG - British Amateur Radio Tele-Data Group
BATC - British Amateur Television Club
BAYCOM - Bavarian Packet Radio Group
BBC National DAB - UK National Services
BDXC (UK) - British DX Club
BDXC - Benelux DX Club
CDXC - The UK DX Foundation
CSS - Creative Services Software - Software for Kantronics & MFJ TNCs
DAYTON - HamVention 2005
DCC.RSGB - Amateur Radio Via Internet Links Documents
DRDB - Digital Radio Development Bureau (DAB)
DRG - Digital Radio Group London (DAB)
DSP - DSP Mod for Alinco DX-77 using NEDSP-1061KBD817(DX-77)
DX Contacts Tracker - Logging Software
DX4WIN - Windows based DX & Logging Software
DXAtlas - DX Atlas & Database
DXbase - Logging Software
DXtreme Software - Logging Software
EQF - Logging Software
EQSL - Electronic QSL Cards
ERG - Essex Repeater Group
FISTS - International Morse Preservation Society
GB* AAA-ZZZ - QSL Manager
GB3OK - Bromley Repeater Group
G0MDO - Amateur Radio Software
G4AWO - Amateur Radio Website - Contacts using the FT-817
G4JKQ - Internet Link Page via Internet Phone
G8JIC/G0TEO - Leslie's Web Pages
G6NHY - Amateur Radio, Astronomy and more
G4NJH SITE - Lots of interesting Ham Radio News
G3ZHI - Linking Ham Radio to the Internet
GPSS - GPS Mapping & Software
G-QRP Club - Low Power Amateur Radio 
HAM RADIO INDIA - Excellent Ham Site worth looking round
HB9DRV - Simon Brown (good site with Ham Radio Deluxe software etc..)
HOBBYTRON - American site with Hobby, Electronics, Educational Kits and more
HYNOTHERAPY - Tired of the Hustle & Bustle of Life
iEssex - The Essex Search Engine
JEHOSOPHAT - American Ham site worth a visit
K1EA - CT Logging Software
KTG - Kent Television Group
LOGIC 4.03 - Logging Software
LOG Plus - Logging Software
LOWE ELECTRONICS - Waters&Stanton@Lowe
LOWE ELECTRONICS - Secondhand List
MOD DK - Rig Modification Site
MONITOR INTERNET - Mods for DX-394, (FRG-7, Sangean)
MORSUM MAGNIFICAT - The Morse Magazine
NSSC - National Space Science Centre - UK
PROLOG2K - Logging Software
QRZ - The QRZ Callsign Database
RADIO1933 - Topband News & Views
RADIO AUTHORITY - Radio Authority UK
RADIO ELECTRONICS - Source of free information, articles & data
RADIO MANUALS - Specialists in Obsolete Manuals (Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom etc)
RADIOSPORT - London (Stevenage) Amateur Radio & Computer Show
RAFARS - Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society
RAYNET - Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network
RIG - Remote Imaging Group
RNARS - Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society
RSGB - Radio Society of Great Britain
SCANCAT - Control Software
SD - EI5DI - Contest Logging Software
SHACKLOG - The most popular logging program for UK hams
SIDC-RWC - World Data Center for Sunspot Index, Solar & Geomagnetic Activity
SOFTWARE - Amateur Radio Soundblaster Software Collection
STEVE'S BOAT ANCHORS - Interesting Communcation Receivers Site
SUPERCONTROL - Control Software for Yaesu Rigs
SWISSLOG - Logging Software
TITANIC - The Titanic Wireless Commemorative Group
UKIRP - UK Internet Linking Program
WRTH - World Radio TV Handbook
WORLDSPACE - Satellite Broadcasts


Radio Clubs & Groups 

Radio Shack DX394 - User Group
Radio Shack DX394C - User Group
FRENCH SITE for Radio Amateurs
BURNLEY & DISTRICT - Amateur Radio Club
CHELMSFORD - Amateur Radio Society
CRAWLEY - Amateur Radio Club
CRYSTAL PALACE - Radio & Electronics Club
DOVER - Amateur Radio Club
DUNSTABLE DOWNS - Radio Club Bootsale
GATESHEAD - Amateur Radio Society
GLOUCESTER - Amateur Radio & Electronics Society
HARLOW - Amateur Radio Club
HARROW - Radio Society of Harrow
HASTINGS - Electronics & Radio Club
HAVERING - Amateur Radio Club
HODDESDON - Radio Club
ISLE OF WIGHT - Radio Society
LOWESTOFT - Lowestoft & Pye Radio Club
MAIDSTONE - Amateur Radio Club
MID GLAMORGAN - Amateur Radio Group
NORFOLK - Amateur Radio Club
NUNSFIELD HOUSE - Amateur Radio Group
OLDHAM - Amateur Radio Club
SEARS - South Essex Radio Society
SOUTHGATE - Amateur Radio Club
STOCKPORT - Radio Society
TWXRG - The Wessex Repeater Group
WARRINGTON - Amateur Radio Club